Photography By Barb

         About the Photographer

   Hello my name is Barb Wyant A.K.A ( Barb-Bee ).I have lived in the state of South Carolina for most of my life.I currently live here in Spartanburg South Carolina.I am a single mother of a beautiful daughter, her name is Cherie.Back in 2006 I started photography as a small hobby.Thanks to my wonderful sister Kat Spradlin she has encouraged me to follow my goals.Kat has been my backbone throughout me learning and furthering my future with photography.......I started out with photography doing a lot of nature and outdoors.As i furthered my knowlege I picked up more interesting stuff.............I now currently take photo's of just about anything that is interesting to me.My photo shoots consist of family shoots,Children shoots,Animal shoots,Couples shoots,All Events,Birthday parties,Lingerie shoots,Weddings,Graduation shoots, Ect.......Whatever is needed at the time.